Maud Cassaignau + Markus Jung
Department of Architecture, MADA, Monash University
XPACE architecture + urban design
in collaboration with
Ass. Prof. Milica Topalovic + Martin Knüsel
Future Cities Labratory, Singapore-ETH-Centre (SEC)
Visiting Artist at the MADA, Department of Architecture 2013


Semester 1_2013*
Research Students
Semester 2_2013**
Research Design Students
Edward De Fegely, CBD
Benjamin Ellul, CBD
Son Voong, Richmond
Charlie Du, Richmond
William Tymms, Hawthorn
Ashini de Alwis, Box Hill
Angus Hamilton, Box Hill
Lara Pannuzzo, Ringwood
Sophie Weber, Lilydale
Kai Zhu, Lilydale
Steve Kasinski, Healesville

Anne-Lise Ip Sion Thoo, CBD
Benjamin Ellul, CBD
Charlie Du, Richmond
Son Voong, Richmond
Viet Luc, Hawthorn
Damian Palamara, Hawthorn
Ashini De Alwis, Box Hill
Tim Fok, Box Hill
Timothy Cox, Ringwood
Robert Rosamilia, Ringwood
Charlotte Fitzgibbon, Lilydale
Sara Sidari, Lilydale
Steve Kasinski, Healesville

*We wish to thank the MAS research office for their support during semester 1:
Assoc. Prof. Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Professor Nigel Bertram, Lee-Anne Khor, Rutger Pasman and Tom Morgan.

**Guests: Marika Neustupny, Gerry McLoughlin, Ooi Wei Yap, Gretchen Wilkins, Simon Whibley, José Alfano


Website concept, design & programming:
Timothy Cox
Graphics, layouts & editing:
Sara Sidari, Charlotte Fitzgibbon, Tim Fok, Damian Palamara
Markus Jung, Maud Cassaignau





Monash Architecture:
Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH-Centre (SEC)
Ass. Prof. Milica Topalovic
XPACE architecture + urban design